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Why Do We Consider Moving?

The obvious reasons for moving for many folks is job transfers!  But what is really surprising, that many are looking for better weather!! WOW! Now isn’t that interesting! So are Kansas City homeowners committed to living in Kansas City because we love our weather, our baseball team (KC Royals – World Series Winners 2015), professional […]

Is it Time to Downsize your Home?

A recent study by Edelman Berland revealed that of homeowners who are contemplating selling their house in the near future 33% plan to scale down. Let’s look at a few reasons why that would make sense to many Americans. There are many advantages of selling your current house and downsizing into a smaller home that better serves […]

Home Inspections

Home inspections are one of the most important pieces in a real estate transaction. An inspection alerts both the buyer and seller to possible issues, allowing both parties to make a decision that best suits their situation. The average home buyer spends approximately 15 minutes in the home prior to closing. This is not enough […]