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Quick Tips to be a Smart Home Buyer or Seller in Overland Park

Buying or selling a home doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Knowing what it takes to be a smart buyer or seller is as simple as following a few tips.

Smart Buyers

Homebuyers begin by doing their homework. Having an understanding of the market, their wallet and a little bit about the real estate process gives you the edge over those that didn’t take the time to learn and investigate. Here are some buyer tips to remember:

  • The most important thing as a buyer is to understand your budget and how much house you can afford. There are numerous online calculators that will help you figure out what price range to shop in.  That’s a good starting point – but keep in mind those calculators don’t include mortgage insurance or escrows.  So understanding that is the beginning point.  If attempting to calculate this yourself, be sure to take utilities, maintenance and repair costs into consideration in addition to your other financial obligations. But it is best to get with a lender to help you understand the qualifying process.
  • Nothing is more frustrating that falling in love with your dream house only to find out that you can’t secure a loan. Smart buyers always take the time to get pre-approved before starting the house hunting process. Today- it’s so easy to have a pre-approval in place prior to going out to find that dream home for sale in Johnson County.  In the case of multiple offers, the pre-approval process also makes your offer more enticing. Sellers always prefer to work with buyers that are pre-approved.
  • Location, Location, Location:  We all have heard that phrase!  Consider employment location, schools, amenities and other important factors to you.  Finding the perfect home is important, but finding the perfect home in an area that fits your lifestyle is even better.

Smart Sellers

Being a current homeowner, it’s so important to understanding the market conditions and how to present the home goes a long way when it comes to getting a competitive price. Consider a few of the following tips:

  • Having a market analysis done on your home prior to putting your home on the market, will help you find the best price range for your home.  You’ll understand which homes that have sold and those that are currently available.
  • Staging your home is key today.  We all know that we don’t show a home the way we live in it!  Consider hiring a stager or a licensed agent to help you put your home in it’s best light! You don’t get a second chance to make a great impression!
  • Curb appeal is extremely important. Spend alittle time getting the yard in shape by weeding, planting some seasonal flowers, touching up paint including the front door, adding some new shutters, trim the bushes and keeping the garage door closed.

For more information feel free to contact the Cindy D Team. You might also be interested in downloading our free guide, 450 Ways To Sell Your Home Faster, or read more information about home staging.

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