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Barns…Are they what they used to be?

It’s one of the latest & interesting crazes!  Take a barn that was used back in time for the typical barn uses.  Now renovate it, move it and enjoy the historic statement that it makes! Many of the old barns don’t see agriculture use any longer! You’re probably wondering – what’s the appeal?  It’s all about the beams!!  Folks relish the fact that these beams were cut from many of the settlers in the area and are usually anchoring ceiling 40-50′ up!  So it’s all about the space, airiness & uniqueness the barns offer!  The barns offer interesting designs, ample of square footage, open concept in locales with plenty of privacy!  So instead of tearing them down, they’re turning them into modern residences – anything from the actual residence, to vacation spots, to second homes and more!  The Barn projects come with considerable expense!  Usually find a complete make over! There is a company out of Waco,TX who specializes in turning old barns into fabulous modern homes! According to Heritage Restorations, the project can take over 2 years for completion!  People aren’t cutting corners! They are looking for the character & living in the a piece of history!  So it comes with a price tag including maintenance & heating and cooling!

Keep in mind that this type of residence isn’t for everyone! The barns usually don’t have traditional room arrangements and might even have lofts or open second floors which might be conducive to families!  Because the barns aren’t your traditional home, they might be a little harder to sell later on.  It’s a niche market.  You have to find the right buyer who appreciates the same type of character & unique features!

Whether you are looking for a more traditional, something unique, home on the golf course, home on acreage for a home for sale in Johnson County, we have plenty of them in all price ranges!  Whether you are looking for your first home, your move up home or down sizing.  You can search and view homes by cities, by specific price ranges, by homes listed within the last 7 days, you can search and view homes with acreage and dozens of other customized searches. The sky is the limit to the type of search for your criteria!

Here are a few of example links:

It’s easy to save one of the above searches so that you can get regular update or create a home search with your own criteria!  The Cindy D Team is always willing to help and will always respect your privacy!  Contact us when you’re ready to buy or sell a home in the Johnson County area!

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