Trash has become big business

As many have heard from the media today,  Johnson County has now changed the rules for trash pickup beginning Jan 1,2012.  Many are calling the Johnson County Government to find out more about the upcoming changes.  Are you aware of the changes? Do you know how this might affect your trash bill?  Personally we have been recycling for years! All our newpapers, alumimium etc cans all go to one of the local churches recycling bins. How will this effect the churches who rely on the additional funds they raise from recycling?  This has put a huge extra cost on the trash haulers & those who live in Johnson County. There are a couple of dropoff sites for yard waste if you don’t want to pay for pickup. Plus on the website there is a list of items that the curbside pickup for recycling collect.  Check out the details from the Johnson County website and let the county commissioners know your thoughts and any concerns.

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